I recently switched from an OpenVZ VPS to a KVM VPS over at Ramnode. Mainly because I wanted to upgrade to CentOS 7. I figured it would be a good time to take a look at my site, and how I put it together. It was on Wordpress, but I wanted to look at alternatives and maybe find something with less overhead. I stumbled upon Jekyll. It looked insteresting and outside of the want of a photo gallery solution I thought it might fit for my needs.

My next step was to figure out how to get it to sync. ie I wanted to be able work on it locally using the built in webserver that jekyll provides and have the same files available on my VPS. How did I do this? Dropbox. I used the headless linux installs found on the web and got it up and running, then I excluded server-side all the folders and files I didn’t want to sync to my VPS.

Next I found a template I liked. Take a look at the github wiki for some insteresting ones.

The template I found needed pygments which can be installed as part of the Python install, but required a separate ruby file. I used the following 2 commands to get that rolling.

sudo easy_install Pygments  
gem install pygments.rb  

Then I created an alias in my bash profile that when inputted on my server takes the dropbox folder where I keep the site and exported it to the destination in the root of the domain. When I want to work on it off line I just hop into terminal and fire up the basic jekyll build command then head to http://localhost:4000.

Easy peasy. :)