I love movies, and as such I tend to watch a lot of them. Sometimes the movie reaches into my mind and I take from it things and ideas that others may not. i.e. they make me think!

My latest adventure was Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. This movie came out in late 2008 to mediocre reviews. It is after all what I would call a smart high school movie. The idea of the film is that there is a band playing somewhere in New York City, NY and the principle cast is searching for this band. While Nick and Nora look for where the concert is going on (it is only rumored at places, not publicized) they have to deal with friends, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, and drunks. They are both at a crossroads in life, Nick is a loner,straight-edger who plays bass in a band that while ok, is not great. He is just going through high school trying to get over his ex-girlfriend who dumped him not days before. While Nora is struggling with wether to go to school or take a job at her father’s recording studio.

While I was watching this flick I came to look at the driving force of the cast, “Where’s Fluffy?”, as a metaphor for life. We are all trying to find that one thing. That light at the end of the tunnel. That goal that we are driving towards. For some it would be wealth. Others it would be family, or shelter, or a warm meal. And for even more it might very well be as simple as a bed to sleep in that night. Well, that may not be a simple task. Especially in these hard financial times. Times where the unemployment is at a record high. People are searching, some fruitlessly, for a job. So that they might make that rent or mortgage payment. So they won’t lose the roof over their heads.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this film, and most films I watch. But that is how I tend to watch films these days, looking for that nugget of pop phycology that I might learn a bit more. And so I ask you, do you know where/what your fluffy is?