Heads up this will be a stream of consciousness.

This year has been really rough on everyone. I lost my job in June, spent the next 4 and a half months looking for work. Found a new job making 20k less than I was. My wife was in the middle of her Masters Degree in educaiton. She did her internship during the pandemic having to learn, not only to teach, but how to do it via zoom without he ability to go ask someone “next door” for help. My daughter has changed her desk location at least 3 times before finally settling in on the corner of our dinning room. We lost a hamster, bought a new one which my daughter gave away in a ploy to get a guinea pig… which we now have 2 of. I put together a 90g fish tank which I purchased when I was gainfully employed. We painted out house, we did some siding, ripped out some contcrete and had the walk way repoured. Got in a fight with my parents over CoViD. (wear a mask and make sure you know what is clearly defined as necessary. Running out to get a missing ingredient for dinner is not that.) We embrassed instacart and cubside pickup which has us spending less over all. I think. Any ways 2020… may it go away and 2021 be better than this year. The bar is really low so it should be. I hope and pray.

Stay safe, social distance, and wear a damn mask!!!